Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Rich

Kari gave me this card for my birthday, I thought I'd recycle it for my brother, Rich,
Crank up the volume,
Happy Birthday Rich!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I came home from work today, made myself a cup of tea and switched on the tele, the local news was on, and wherever you are in the world, the local news broadcast is just awful. The subjects are predictable and the presenters must be on some kind of drugs, just look at their hairstyles, make up and eyes, they're on something. Anyway, I was just about to turn over when they started talking about the Q.E.2 cruiseship having to dock overnight in San Francisco as there was a virus going around the ship.
It came into pier 35 this morning and was going to leave for Hawaii at 10pm.
We decided to drive over to the Marin headlands to watch it head under the Golden Gate bridge, and I so glad that we did, what an amazing sight it was.
We got there at about 9:50 and at 10:13 we heard the enormous roar of the fog horn and saw the ship slowly moving out. It took about 5 minutes to reach the bridge and just as it was about to go under it, a group of about 5 people arrived, we told them thay has great timing and they asked why, "The Q.E.2 is just going under the bridge" Kari said, "What's the Q.E.2?" was the reply!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Our 2006 in pictures........

Say no more!

Re enacting our wedding on our anniversary, the part of Creston is played by a water bottle with a tennis ball on top.

A seal impersonating a poodle.

A poodle impersonating a seal.

A Mongolian wrestler in Golden Gate park.

A Mongolian Poodle.

Move over TomKat and Bennifer, here comes KarBert.

World Cup fever.

Holland v Portugal was anything but Joga Bonita, great game though.

I put more effort into the car than the England squad did during the whole competition.

Kari can sell cowboy boots to anyone.

Is that you in there Rob?

One bite, all gone.

Gazza having a smashing time.

All the cars on our block.

" she comes, she's a maneater"

Spot the bear.

"I got you babe"

Take it easy I-Boy.

Christmas at Union Square.

Mongolian Christmas.

"Nightmare before Christmas" in Disney 3D!

The family Christmas photo, no Ian's not wearing leather boots.