Friday, December 31, 2004

Shine jiliin mend hurgei!

Tugso and Greg
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Happy New Year!
We're at our friends, (And Ian's babysitters) Tugso and Greg's house in San Francisco,
Tugso is from Mongolia and assures us that the title says happy new year in Mongolian.
We're having a very relaxed night just slobbing and eating custard with forks.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rob meets an American Idiot

Green day's bass player Mike Dirnt
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Hi all two of you out there, Rob here.
Had a Blog moment today while returning something at Best Buy,
Kari had said last night that she wanted to buy the new Greenday album, American Idiot (No not Kari, that's the name of the CD) Anyway, as I was thinking about buying the thing a man caught my eye(Not in that way). Blimey it's Mike Dirnt the bass player from Green day! I said to myself as I got a bit of a sweat on.
So over I went to chat with him and his daughter, although she didn't really want to join in as she was about 5 and very shy. I told him I was just about to buy his CD and asked if he could sign it, he replied "No biggie" which I think means yes. I continued to follow him around the store like a stalker and snapped a photo of him for the sake of the blog.
He was a very nice chap and even asked when I was going back to Australia, those punk rockers lose their hearing at a pretty early age you know.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Rob's hopes are dashed

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It's a sad day in the Rice-Carey household. I was folding laundry in the bedroom when I heard Rob shout "NIGHTMARE"--I came rushing to his side to find out what could be the matter, when I saw it there on the computer monitor--
the Banana Box. Only it wasn't the Banana Box--it was the Banana Guard!
It's true. His dreams of inventing the banana box have been dashed. Please, feel free to post your comments and letters of condolences to Rob here. And a heartfelt thanks to all of you who gave your support to Rob and encouraged him to pursue his dream of bringing the banana box to the world.

To help "prevent the tragedy of bruised bananas" please visit

Monday, December 27, 2004

I-boy gets a haircut

Shaved poodle
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Rob had a busy day today giving Ian a haircut. I was sure surprised to see Ian looking like an oversized rat when I came home from work. Tomorrow he's going to have his nails clipped and, worst of all for the poor poodle, have the hair pulled out from inside his ear. It's not easy being a poodle. Still, some days I wouldn't mind trading places.
You can see Ian's website at

Sunday, December 26, 2004

IFK Göteborg

IFK Göteborg
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Here's a picture of Rob and me on Boxing Day wearing the new IFK Göteborg football jerseys that Dad and Ann bought us in Gothenburg.
Today was a perfect Sunday and Boxing Day. We got to play football and then watch football and Liverpool won 5-0. What more could we want (apart from Milan Baros converting his penalty kick)?

Visit to see more about our football team.

Hopefully all the Christmas presents we sent that didn't arrive will make it tomorrow--

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

Ian's Prezzie
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A nice and quiet Christmas Day, if you don't count the hours between 2am and 4am when the neighbors decided to have a big party. Rob ended up sleeping in the living room--but he assures me this had nothing to do with my eating brussel sprouts at Iain and Parmjeets Christmas Eve.
Ian went completly nuts Christmas morning--for a start, he really hates cameras and we took a picture of our tree before opening gifts so he was already wound up over that. Secondly, he absolutely LOVES opening presents so once we started that, he went out of control. We gave him his prezzie hoping it would capture his attention enough to allow us to open our gifts but it didn't work. In the end, we had to take him outside to run off some energy before we could finish opening our gifts.

Things we got for Christmas:
Wife Swap, The Best of Series 1&2 DVD
Live Aid 4-DVD set
IFK Goteborg football jerseys
Liverpool football socks
"The Art of the Incredibles" book
"Moneyball" book
New footie boots for Kari
I'm Alan Partridge Series 1&2 DVDs (Yes, I gave Rob season 2 for the second Christmas in a row. Don't ask.)
Liverpool Football Club Champions of Europe--The Epic Tale of All Four European Cup Victories 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1984
15 Storey High Series 1 DVD
Subbuteo book
Liverpool Football Club 2005 Calendar

My mom will be the first to tell you that we "never gave her a Christmas list so all we got is a boring check".

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Carl's Place, LA

It's nearly midnight and I'm geeking out at Carl's place in LA while my dad sleeps in the "other room" (it is a studio apartment). Carl's messing around with over 4,000 new Garageband Loops and, well, you know what I'm doing--creating a blog. How cool is that?
Dad and I have both been meaning to visit Carl for a long time and finally made it happen. He's showing us a great time so far taking us out for some good food and to the beach. The best part was going to this t-shirt shop on Vermont last night and seeing, you won't believe this, the small Velvet Fog FC patch for sale. I'm not kidding around. I'm going to try and go back tomorrow and see if I can get a picture of it using the camera my dad just gave me for my 2004/2005 birthdays. So much to do!