Sunday, January 30, 2005

Up To Snuff?

After numerous phone calls from every member of our family, Rob and I finally undertook the task of finding suitable lodging for our friends and family coming to our wedding this summer. We undertook this task with all seriousness, realizing that this could make or break the weekend for our incoming guests. We visited several establishments, speaking with the management at each place to discuss amenities, service, hospitality, rates, discounts, room service, breakfasts, what kind of shampoo they use and what coffee is provided in the rooms, understanding these are all very important matters to experienced travellers.

The Walnut Creek Motor Lodge proved to be an excellent option for us. Nina was very friendly and helpful at the front desk. She was able to answer all our questions and she gave us a key to see three different rooms, none of which were occupied at the time (a big improvement over our other hotel visits).

Below is an electronic copy of their brochure.
We hope you find it helpful.

Our first impression was good--nice color scheme, plenty of room and a new carpet! Rob tests out the bed to see if it's any good--it must be bouncy because the picture came out blurry.


Next we tested out the table where you may choose to write your wedding card to us--

WCML Table

You may want to make a call to confirm your wedding gift for us is en route--you can do this from the telephone in the room.

WCML Telephone

Every room is equipped with a coffee pot so you can enjoy a cup while you get ready for the wedding. The caffeine will help you groove on the dance floor.

WCML Coffee

Many rooms come with a toilet. Be sure to ask the front desk when you book your room if you want one of these included. They are particularly useful after using the coffee maker.

WCML Toilet

Only one room comes with this in the shower--and I've already booked it!! Sorry ladies!

WCML Shower

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rob's Birthday

Rob turned 35 last Friday and began the celebration with a Chest X-Ray. Isn't that how most men celebrate their birthday? Look carefully and you can see his birthdate on the transparency. You can also see that Rob is full of air.

Chest X-Ray
Rob's Chest X-Ray

Usually I like to throw Rob a big birthday party but with that other "Big Party" on the horizon, we decided to wait until next year. Not having any backup plans, I decided to take him out to the Red Tractor Cafe. We used to enjoy eating at Red Tractor when it was on College Avenue in Oakland but it's been well over a year since it moved to Dublin, CA which, though only 25 miles East, feels a little far to travel for "No-Meat Loaf", cooked carrots and garlic mashed potatoes.
Well, you can imagine Rob's delight when he realized where I was taking him for dinner. And can you now imagine my dismay when we realized they've dropped the "No-Meat Loaf" from the menu! I was crestfallen. Rob ended up eating scrambled eggs, carrots and mashed potatoes on his birthday (no gravy) and I had macaroni and cheese (lukewarm--could be why I look sooooo lovely in the photo).

Red Tractor
Dinner at Red Tractor Cafe

Luckily, the disppointment didn't last long as he came home to open some prezzies.
Starsky and Hutch, Season 1, from me.
Seinfeld, Season 1&2 from my mom.
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 3, from I-boy.
And a Krups Sandwich Maker from Rob's mum and dad (this is going to get a lot of use on Saturday afternoons after playing footie!)

On Sunday, we went to see our friend Kevin's hockey game. COME ON YOU OWLS, WHOOOOO, WHOOOOOO!

K-Jo Hockey
Kevin Takes A Spill

And out for a pint afterwards with our friends--from L to R: Gretchen, Kevin, Chris, Tim and Kari (holding some Branston Pickle!)

Pacific Coast Brewing
Post Game Pint

Monday, January 17, 2005

Kid's Bake Sale

Kid's Bake Sale
Originally uploaded by Emmett.
Good things are happening today in my extended family. Drake, Emmett and Sally (nephews and niece) hosted a bake sale in Concord, New Hampshire to raise money for Tsunami relief. They spoke to the owners of the Puppy Love hot dog stand and received permission to set up a table in front of their stand. I think Drake made the baked goods and Emmett made all the graphics to set up the stand--is that right guys?
You can read more about it and find out what their total earnings were on Emmett's new blog--
Guy Of The Town

I want to congratulate the kids on their hard work and kindness--Aunt Irene will be so proud to have more activists in the family!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

What's Beethoven's favourite fruit?

That's just weird
Originally uploaded by Rob.
Ba na na na!
That's Kari's best joke (oh dear)
Can you jolly well believe it? no not the joke, although I have heard Beethoven fancied a bit of yellow and black. So on Saturday we went to the post office to pick up a package and were quite literally gobsmacked as we pulled out 3 BananaGuards!! Rich and Jules (Rob's brother, and sister in law) had sent them to us for Christmas, one red, one yellow and a glow in the dark one, amazing, great minds really do think alike. We also got a Soccer AM DVD and another subbuteo book, brilliant. See if you can spot all the pressies in the photo (come on it's not exactly hard).
So thanks to Rich and Jules we will no longer open our bags at work and have sloppy bananas looking at us. Magic!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Christmas Mugs

Originally uploaded by Kari.
Rob and I received a fantastic belated Christmas gift today from Andrea and her family--two mugs that feature Emmett's and Sally's original artwork. Emmett's, on the left, has a beautiful and vibrant tucan on it. Sally's, on the right, is a really nice drawing of a girl wearing a pink dress and a pretty bow in her hair. We love them both and will use them often since we drink tea like nobody's business over here.
Today was also a special day because Sally, tired of waiting for her lazy aunt to get her act together, confronted me and asked if she was going to be a flower girl in my wedding! Rob and I are delighted to announce that yes, she will indeed be one of our flower girls! (The other is yet to be announced--but it's not the fault of the lame aunt in this case.)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Wheels

Rob's new bike
Originally uploaded by Kari.
Rob and I spent his last day of Christmas vacation shoping for a new bike after his was stolen from our garage a couple weeks ago. He ended up buying a nice Trek 7200 which is obviously very light (see photo).
Then we came home and watched a perfect rainy day film--Calendar Girls.
It's back to work tomorrow for us both. The kids at Rob's school will be wound up after sitting inside for three days because of the rain. And I'll be wound up due to everyone coming back to the office after the holiday break.
On top of all of this, we need to turn to on the wedding planning which we promised ourselves we'd do as soon as the new year was here. We're in for it now!