Sunday, February 25, 2007

Move over Rudy, Drake's in town

That's right folks--Drake's back in his "hometown!"
He arrived on Sunday morning after his original flight was cancelled Saturday and Rob and I took him out around town. Our first stop, "Can't Fail Cafe." Does breakfast get any better than this? Before we could even order our food, Drake had bought the t-shirt and put it on in the bathroom. Talk about Superman.

Next we headed off to Telegraph Avenue to shop for music and, what else, t-shirts

Nothing more fitting than to buy a hemp necklace from an old hippie dude.

And to try your luck out as a street vendor/performer. A little more practice and he could have started to earn money towards our ski trip.

A delicious burrito from Cactus and a photo op with one of our favorite cashiers there--we have no idea what his real name but we call him Chris Kattan. And finally, some sleep. Tomorrow we head up to Kirkwood for a few days of skiing. F-U-N!

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